We are Creative Workshop,

agency that plans, designs, build websites, aplications & android games...

Why Us

We at Creatiwe Workshop create digital properties

that encourage interaction through clean, compelling interface design and functionality.


Latest Projects

  • skopjejazzfest.com.mk

    project url: skopjejazzfest.com.mk

    tehnology: html/css/javascript

    task: design & development

  • vantageautoadvice.ca

    project url: http://vantageautoadvice.ca/

    tehnology: html/css/javascript

    task: design & development

  • gruper

    project url: gruper

    tehnology: cakephp

    task: design & development

  • broadwood

    project url: broadwood

    tehnology: php

    task: design & development

  • translation agency -GLOBAL LINGUA NET

    project url: Global Lingua

    tehnology: cakephp

    task: design & development

  • Konstantin Kacev

    project url: Konstantin Kacev

    tehnology: cakephp

    task: design & development

  • kashawelski

    project url: kashawelski

    tehnology: cakephp

    task: design & development

  • h-dent

    project url: h-dent

    tehnology: .Net

    task: design & development

  • Ketering - Catering projects

    project url: Ketering

    tehnology: wordpress

    task: implementation

  • lefit

    project url: Lefit

    tehnology: codeigniter

    task:html implementation & backend development

  • asteroid killer

    project url: asteroid killer

    tehnology: Android/Java

    task: design & development.

  • skill-factory.eu

    project url: http://www.skill-factory.eu

    tehnology: Drupal

    task: design & development

  • iconnectuspro.com

    project url: iconnectuspro.com

    tehnology: Html

    task: Implementation

  • Gallery Bukefal

    project url: http://bukefal.com.mk/

    tehnology: Drupal

    task: design & development.

  • datakont

    project url: http://datakont.com.mk/

    tehnology: Html

    task: design & development

  • The Management Support Institute (MSI)

    project url: management.org.mk

    tehnology: Drupal

    task: design & development.

  • dinoimeri.com

    project url: http://dinoimeri.com/

    tehnology: Drupal

    task: design & development

  • photo studio Maestro

    project url: photo studio Maestro

    tehnology: wordpress

    task:design, implementation and development

Some of our services

  • Website Design & Development

    With our experience, we are able to deliver the ideal web design and development solutions to you.

  • Web Applications

    We provide you with the means to harness the web's ever-increasing capabilities through applications that are visually compelling and interactive, whether in entertainment or business fronts.

  • UX

    Proper architecture of the project gives your site the foundation it needs to perform at its best before the first pixel is pushed or the first line of code is written.


    We design with the user in mind, while custom tailoring the experience and interface to meet your unique goals. This approach allows us to create flexible designs that bridge the gap between desktops and mobile devices.

  • Brand Development

    We understand that your brand extends beyond the digital world that's why we provide a wide range of creative services to ensure your brand is cohesive and on-target across all media.

  • Continuous Support

    We stand by you, evaluate the project's course and prepare for the next cycle to begin. You will never have to worry about your project, we will be there for you whenever you need us.

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